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Wisdom-15 Things Wise People do

15 Things Intuitively Wise Spiritual People Do 

What is [Intuitive] Wisdom? It’s not just one thing—and there’s no universal definition for it. It’s the complete chain of more-than-ordinary ways of being and existing. It’s an interconnection with the whole world. There’re different forms of wisdom and it can be expressed in different forms and at different degrees, so a brief answer will only underestimate all the meanings of what wisdom is. So, wisdom involves seeing things as they are, seeing the essence not through the frame of reference; seeing and understanding deeply human and cosmic situation; knowing when and where to act and where not to act- perfect adjustment to the situation; ability to see and foresee different problems and avoid them (Phaedo,

Intuitive-Wisdom-graphicstockHere’s what Spiritual Intuitive Wisdom looks like! How many of these characteristics describe you?

  1. Recognize that they are intuitively wise and discerning.

Perhaps the most obvious trait of an intuitive person is the extent to which they listen to the little voice inside of them and actually act based upon what it says. They don’t question the inner advice being given, but simply know it to be the most appropriate course to take at any given moment. They don’t ignore, the guidance of their intuitions and gut feelings.

  1. They are very aware of their surroundings.

In order for their gut to provide sensible and effective recommendations, they will keep a watchful eye on their environment and the situation at hand. All of this observation means that they have the necessary information required when a decision needs to be made. They can act on their impulses safe in the knowledge that they have assimilated all of the relevant intelligence available.

  1. Are reflective, contemplative and introspective.

Intuitively wise people understand that personal reflection, contemplative moments and deep introspection are non-negotiables for effective living. They schedule time for regular meditation, use deep breathing, and practice inner focus strategies in habitual ways.

  1. Are unusually self-aware.

Intuitively wise people are intimately acquainted with themselves and tend to be very observant of their own thoughts, words, and even appearance, among other things. They know that wisdom is NOT an inborn ability. In order to gain wisdom, these people know they must nurture some specific skills and accumulate experience over the years. The more experience they gain, the deeper their understanding and wiser they become.

  1. Are generally innovative and creative.

They create a culture of creative thinking and are champions of prototyping new ideas quickly, fostering collaboration, and tapping into people’s sensibilities, perceptions, ideas and passions. They are open to new ways of thinking, see unexpected relationships between ideas and resources, and question unquestioned answers.

  1. See intuitive wisdom as bridging the cognitive gap between instinct, reasoning, and rational thinking.

Intuitively wise individuals can reach multi-level decisions faster than most people, because they can see the interconnections between seemingly unrelated concepts quickly and reliably. This level of discernment is one that can’t be automated, outdated, or outsourced, because it comes from having total immersion in the world around them.

  1. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps them filter out mental chatter, weigh their options objectively, tune into their intuition and ultimately make a decision that they can stand behind completely.

  1. Specialize in ‘heart-to-head resuscitation.’

They know the importance with leading with both your head and your heart. On the one hand, they’re exceptional at creating strategies and plans, setting goals, following budgets, and holding others accountable. On the other hand, they’re just as exceptional at making others feel special and valued, building an enthusiastic team (personally and professionally), and engendering trust and commitment.

  1. Are not fans of negativity.

They know that when a person is angry or in a heightened emotional state, … their intuition can fail them completely. That’s not to say that intuitively wise people never get upset or sink into negativity— but they know from experience that their intuitive wisdom works best when they’re able to mindfully accept and let go of negative emotions for the most part, rather than suppressing or dwelling on the negative aspects of the situation.

  1. Trust their instincts and value open-mindedness.

They instinctively know that their assumptions are their windows into the world. So, they challenge unquestioned answers by scrubbing them off every chance they get, recognizing that light won’t come in if the perceptual filters are coated with false assumptions. They are open to a variety of ideas, then pay attention to their gut.

  1. Complete people’s sentences and are uncanny at knowing what people are going to say.

Intuitively wise people are so deeply in tune with the people around them that they can grasp where someone is going with a sentence within minutes of meeting them.

  1. Know the importance of getting off-line for a while.

Intuitively wise people recognize that it’s important to get off the grid every once and while, even if it’s just for an hour. They understand that Extraordinary People need time to decompress and get some much needed rest. They see sequestering themselves into a few moments of solitude as a ‘retreat forward’ strategy.

  1. Generally don’t rush decision-making.

They are careful to orchestrate the marriage between planning, decision-making and implementation in order to ensure success. They know momentum lost or stalled is hard to regain. While they use healthy best practices to function in their work and personal lives, they make sure they aren’t burdened with unnecessary rules and infra-structures that interfere with achieving what needs to be accomplished.

  1. Are highly perceptive.

Highly intuitive wise people take notice of the nuances of everyday experiences They are good at picking out the extraordinary in the the ordinary, the coincidences in events, and the subtle associations in daily functions.

  1. Are able to stay impartial and respectable when they know people are being dishonest or disingenuous.

Highly intuitively wise individuals know this trait may be the biggest downside of being deeply discerning and intuitively wise with what’s going on around them, but they also know that their discretion probably saves them from spending time with the people who are misrepresenting themselves.

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