You Have the Power!

Spiritual Practice: You Have the Power

PowerAffirmation-300x225This practice is designed to reinforce your power over thoughts and feelings, allowing you to make the conscious decision to override your negative, self-defeating thoughts and feelings into power-charged, affirming thoughts and feelings.

Here's How:

Create a "Power Affirmation" to use whenever you realize your thoughts and/or feelings are negative, depressing, or self-defeating. A "Power Affirmation" is something very sort (typically 3-5 words), claiming a high level quality for yourself.


  • I am Confident!
  • I Choose JOY!
  • I am Fearless!

As you become aware of negative, self-defeating thoughts or feelings, immediately pull out your "Power Affirmation."
Say it five times, with increasing intensity, emotion, and power for each repetition.

Notice the immediate impact this has on your attitude and behavior. Continue reinforcing the newly chosen emotions and thoughts by repeating your "Power Affirmation" at various times throughout the day.