YOUniversal Prosperity

How to Achieve Health, Happiness, Inner Peace, and Financial Independence

Brought to You by Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton

Ordained Unity Ministers and Master Facilitators

Combining evidence-based science, faith-based spirituality and metaphor-based metaphysics, 

we guide people in aligning their human nature with their Divine Nature, so they can maser the art of living by walking the spiritual path on practical feet.

What is YOUniveral Prosperity ... 
and Why Did We Create It?

Many traditional ‘prosperity gurus’ toss the word ‘prosperity’ around, linking it solely to money, things, and bling – and seem to believe that’s all there is to a prosperous life. While we see the need for creature comforts, we believe there’s much more depth to the concept of prosperity.

The current teachings around prosperity are misleading, frustrating, and in some cases, just plain wrong! We set out on a journey to explore what true prosperity really means, and how we can use our spiritual understanding and teachings to manifest it in clear, understandable ways. What we discovered has revolutionized our understanding of prosperity ... and we are ready to share what we've learned!


Exploding Myths!

We have taken some of the most popular maxims related to prosperity and turned them upside down! For example:


Do what you love and the money will follow.

MYTH! Here's the Truth: 

Do what you love, and if what you love provides you with substantial income to continue doing what you love, you’re ahead of the game. Otherwise, be open to a variety of income streams that’ll help support you without having to worry about the finances involved in doing what you love.


Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind, so if think it you will manifest it.

MYTH! Here's the Truth:

Thoughts & feelings held in mind produce SIMILAR THOUGHTS and FEELINGS after their kind, which lead to ACTIONS, which lead to manifestation.


“If money were no object, what would I do?” (This question is used to get people to identify the big dreams they have, implying they can drop everything and go for it!)

MYTH! Here's the Truth:

The thing is – money IS an object! It’s the chief currency in skin school. There’s a need to make money – a certain amount of money to live comfortably and prosperously! So, a better question to ask yourself might be: “Knowing I need to attract a certain amount of income to maintain the lifestyle I want, what can I do to accomplish that?”

What Happens During the YOUniversal Prosperity Retreat?

A YOUniversal Prosperity Retreat is an enriching and eye-opening experience for your spiritual community, introducing a new approach to prosperity and how it is tied to four key aspects of living in "skin school:"

  • Health Matters (The Health Matters teachings we share are about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They include: relationship health, self-care health, work-related health, dietary health, news cycle health, and social media health.)
  • Happiness Matters  (The Happiness Matters teachings we share are based on how well we experience joy, contentment, life satisfaction, and positive well-being, combined with a deep sense that our life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile.)
  • Inner Peace Matters  (The Inner Peace Matters teachings we share are based on how well we experience peace of mind, serenity, calmness, bliss, inner strength, and freedom from anxiety or stress. It describes a high state of consciousness, one where we have achieved enlightenment and Self-Realization through disciplined use of spiritual practices.)
  • Money Matters  (The Money Matters teachings we share are based on how well we manage our relationship with material wealth, status, money, and power so we can achieve the lifelong financial independence and security we seek through healthy savings, investments, and philanthropic pursuits.)

Retreats are highly interactive, using a "Think-Tank Style" approach

As a result of this exciting, power-packed Full-Day* Retreat, your members will be able to:

  • Understand and effectively use evidence-based science, faith-based spirituality, and powerful practical strategies to experience new levels of prosperity;
  • Identify and eliminate the myth-based beliefs that have blocked the flow of abundance;
  • Deep-dive into each of the four aspects that must come together to experience true prosperity;
  • Practice customized activities that strengthen and support a YOUniversal Prosperity lifestyle.

Everyone leaves with a powerful, practical workbook packed with tons of "How-To" strategies and a "Next Actionable Step" plan to experience immediate results!

* If desired, we include an optional Friday evening kick-start session that generates excitement, begins building connections among participants, and sets the stage for a powerful Saturday session.

We also specialize in helping Unity spiritual communities with:

  • Vision and Mission Training/Tweaking/Redefining
  • Team Relationship Development for Boards and Leaders
  • Developing and Celebrating a Culture of Volunteerism 
  • Guest-to-Member Journey Mapping for Church Growth

Our deep interest is helping your Spiritual Center—and the Unity movement as a whole—continue to grow as worldwide catalysts for spiritual transformation.

Revs. Bil & Cher's Enriching Retreats and Workshops are always:
Practical! Growth Oriented! Interactive! Fun!

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