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Discover how you can master the art of living in skin school and achieve Spiritual Enrichment by activating and using your 7 Core Abilities at their "Sweet Spot!" This series will include:
• An Overview, including the foundational practices to support the use of your Core abilities
• A deep dive Into each Core Ability
• How to use each Ability at it's Sweet Spot, and how to recognize when it is being under or over-applied ineffectively
• Bringing it all together to Be Extraordinary!


13 lessons

Live recordings from our Spiritual Cafés and Spiritual Pop-Up gatherings. You'll also find selected resources that were used in the sessions.


60 lessons

Have you ever thought you'd gotten rid of an old belief, habit, or behavior that no longer served you -- only to have it pop up again and send you into a tailspin?

In this Spiritual Café Special, we share a ROOTS model to help you get rid of them for good -- just like pulling weeds out by the roots!

TurboCourse - Only 1 lesson

1 lessons

This 30-Day Gratitude challenge is set up to use in the month of November -- but it will work any time you want to amp up your Gratitude Quotient!

TurboCourse - Only 1 lesson

1 lessons

Use this 5-day Challenge when you feel like you are stuck in a cul-de-sac, experiencing old issues you thought you'd already resolved!

TurboCourse - Only 1 lesson

1 lessons

You have an “Extraordinary You” hiding within you that is just waiting to be expressed. If you’re ready to explore your hidden potential and claim the abundant life that is waiting for you, this course will help you identify your Seven Core Abilities and learn how to access them and use them at their highest, most elevated levels to align your human self with your Higher Self and master the art of living!


8 lessons

How to Create Your Personal Meditation Space ~ so you can walk the Spiritual Path on practical feet and master the art of living!

• Discover 7 benefits of creating your own personal meditation space
• Identify the 5 biggest excuses that get in the way
• Explode (& replace) myths even seasoned meditators believe
• Learn step-by-step how to make it happen so you have a personal meditation space, regardless of where you live!


3 lessons

Spiritual Café 5-Pack Special!

Listen to five of our special Spiritual Café recordings -- unedited from the live experience! Plus you'll be able to download any handouts and Spiritual Practices used during the sessions!
Great for your Spiritual enrichment!


5 lessons

This course shares three powerful Spiritual Gatherings, focusing on how we can use our Spiritual Principles and Practices to master the art of living in today’s world!


4 lessons

Welcome the exclusive hub where everything related to the Sacred Path Mentoring Program is housed! This is your go-to spot to:


58 lessons