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How to Create Your Personal Meditation Space




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Lesson 1 focuses on the value of creating a personal meditation space. You'll see 3 Benefits that impact you! This is what will give you the impetus to actually put this class into action and create your own personal space!

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In Lesson 2, you will discover 3 of the biggest myths even seasoned meditators believe about having a dedicated personal meditation space. These myths interfere with your ability to experience the most from your meditation, and invite you to question unanswered questions.

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Step-by-step, you will learn how to create your personal meditation space, no matter what your living space looks like! With the information in this lesson, you can create your dedicated meditation space easily and effortlessly.

About Your Facilitators

Cher Holton

Rev. Dr. Cher Holton is co-founder with her husband, Rev. Bil, of the Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity -- a Unity-approved, Events-driven alternative ministry. Cher claims her name is an acronym for her personal mission: Creating Hope, Enthusiasm, and Results … and she brings her zest for living and her practical applications of Truth principles to everything she does. Her background includes being a “Preacher’s Kid,” a Certified Speaking Professional, a Certified Management Consultant, and an ordained Unity minister -- all of which makes her a much-sought-after facilitator, speaker, mentor, and author. When she isn’t involved in spiritual work and study, Cher enjoys a good mystery novel, crossword & logic puzzles, the theatre, travel, and design work.