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  • Manifesting a Life to Master the Art of Living in Today’s World

Manifesting a Life to Master the Art of Living in Today’s World

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The three topics we address are:

  • Mind Action or Mind Auction? A Deep Dive into Manifesting
  • Soul Deepening Reflections: Staying at Peace in a World in Turmoil
  • The Map is not the Territory; the Menu is not the Meal – Manifestation and the Law of Mind-Action — How to Use Truth Principles to Manifest Your Goals and Master the Art of Living

Each session has a video of our live discussion group, along with the handouts to help you put everything into action!

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Let’s take on the Law of Mind Action -- because so many people get frustrated when they don't believe it's working! If that's you, it could be because you are practicing Mind Auction instead of Mind Action! We have many thoughts during the course of a day. Some thoughts ‘drive by’ like the vehicles we see on highways. Others linger or even repeat themselves like a bothersome fly. The important thing you need to know about thoughts is that your thoughts determine your inclinations, your inclinations lead to choices, and your choices lead to actions. Plus -- we believe a very important ingredient has been left out of the teaching -- that "special sauce" that makes all the difference!

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The Map is Not the Territory, The Menu's Not the Meal: How to Use Truth Principles to Manifest Your Goals and Master the Art of Living You can plot your course on a map … but you still need to understand how to get there! It is important to consider your mode of transportation and all that is needed to navigate it effectively. You should be aware of the climate where you’re going, and the types of activities you’ll be involved in, so you bring the appropriate clothing and equipment. You need to understand the time zones and currency used. And of course, you have to actually take action to get there! Another example: You can be holding the most amazing menu you’ve ever seen … but you still need to get to the restaurant, order the items you desire, and know how you plan to finance the meal! It’s one thing to map out a vision of what you want … it’s another to manifest it! This Spiritual Café is all about helping you transform vision into reality in all areas of your life.

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Mindful or Mind Full? Making Mindfulness your Spiritual Practice to Master the Art of Living In this Power-packed Spiritual Café, we dive into the topic of Mindfulness from our MetaSpiritual perspective! Some teasers to think about: • Is your mind full ... or are you mindful? • What is a "now moment?" • What does it mean to say The present moment is my time zone? • What is the difference between mindfulness and a mindfulness meditation? • How can we practice Mindfulness so it becomes our lifetime spiritual practice?

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https://UnityCenterForYOUniversalProsperity.com Lots of hype out there about the Law of Attraction -- I'm here to say it is totally misunderstood! Discover the big shift that transforms the meaning, and how to add the Law of Manifestation: 3 Power Tips! Get a free download of our poster that helps you remember AND USE these great tools!