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Welcome the exclusive hub where everything related to the Power Up Roundtable Group is housed! This is your go-to spot to:

  • Listen to recordings from our Roundtable Coaching Sessions;
  • Access the handouts and activities we use in our Roundtable sessions;
  • Grab all the resources we introduce during our Roundtable sessions;
  • And anything else we share to facilitate your understanding and practice of the 12 Powers + 1!.

You can also leave comments for your fellow Mentees here, and share ideas with each other.

Who's Facilitating the Power Up Roundtable?

Revs. Drs. Cher & Bil Holton, co-founders of Unity Center for YOUniversal Prosperity, a Unity-approved, Events-driven hybrid alternative ministry. Known for their out-of-the-box thinking, questioning unquestioned answers, and ability to combine evidence-based science, Faith-based Spirituality, and Metaphor-based Metaphysics into their brand called MetaSpirituality. They are prolific authors, mentors, speakers, and facilitators.  Learn more about Revs. Bil & Cher here

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, "Minister at Large" - Known as the "Master of Metaphysics," Rev. Paul is an ordained Unity minister, former Dean of Spiritual Education & Enrichment for Unity Institute, and author of many books, including Use the Truth You Know: Unity's Principles & Premises. He speaks and facilitates classes for Unity churches throughout the US and abroad, and founded and cohosts a weekly poodcast, MetaphysicalRomp2, with Revs. Bil & Cher. Learn more about Rev. Paul here.

- Michael Andrews

2022 PowerUp Roundtables

Video lesson

Our first Power Up Roundtable session, where we introduce the process, share the 12 Powers Wheel, and get everything off to a great start!

Video lesson

April 2022 Roundtable

Video lesson

May Power Up Roundtable Recording

Video lesson

Power Up Roundtable Recording June 2022

Video lesson

Power Up Roundtable Recording - July 2022

Video lesson

Power Up Roundtable Recording - August 2022

Video lesson

Meditation is the song, True Colors by Voice Play, A Capella group; Fast-paced, deep dive sharing; includes a spotlight session; how-to segment to sign into the Academy, where all recordings and resources are now housed. (And a peek at Unity's new labyrinth)

Video lesson

This month we introduced a new practice, entitled Reverse Engineering! It's designed to reinforce the idea that everything we manifest begins with a Divine Idea, which we then use the 12 + 1 Powers to refine into a manifested expression! What a great discussion -- and wonderful sharing! A copy of the handout is included in the Resources.

Video lesson

This month we experienced a "Spotlight" presented by Ali Balter, and dug deeply into what the underuse, overuse, and SWEET SPOT looks like, using the wheel to select Power #13: Questioning Unquestioned Answers. Check in the Resource section below to view and download your copy of the Activity Sheet we shared. This month's "Adventure" is to use this worksheet to focus on a specific issue you are working on, and focus on using the Powers at their Sweet Spot to facilitate your success!

Resources-Practices Used in Roundtables

Text lesson

Listed below are links to all the resources we've introduced during the Power Up Roundtable sessions. We will continue to add resources as we share them, so come back often!